About us

What is Kubai?

Kubai is a Minecraft server. It is a non-profit project, whose main goal is to have as large and friendly community as possible. Kubai project started on March 18, 2013, which means that the project already has a lot of experience and knows what players like the most. Each player can find their favorite activity, because we have 5 different game styles (Adventure, Creative, Minigames, Survival, UltraHardcore).

Active administration

Our project administration will not let you get sad! They will expel every scammer, help you anytime! The server is also overseen by select supervisors who ensure order in the chat channels. The administration is not only active, but it is both fun and has a good sense of humor! You will find our entire administration in the contacts, if you notice that someone is cheating or have any questions, please contact the indicated contacts immediately, whether it is 3 A.M. or a weekend.

Safe game

By playing here, all your data will be especially secure and the server itself is well protected from intruders. Minecraft server backups are performed regularly to further ensure security in the event of an emergency. Map overlays (WIPE) are very rare and in doing so we take players into account and try to leave as many player achievements as possible. Also, if players wish to save their structures, we always send copies of the structures to them.

Always up to date

We are one of the first to always update to the latest version of Minecraft. We always want players to experience the latest Minecraft gaming experience.