Frequently asked questions

I can't write in Kubai Discord?

In order to communicate in Kubai Discord channels, it is necessary to confirm your account. Follow these instructions to verify your account:

When is Kubai WIPE?

Shortest answer: NEVER! No Kubai WIPE is planned in the near future. Kubai project stands out by the fact that players who come here can play for years and try to reach their goals without losing the result they have achieved. Also, WIPE is not planned and is not related to new releases of Minecraft. We always find and will find ways to delete as few players' achievements as possible, or not delete at all. The last WIPE was: 2021-12-26.

When will Kubai update?

We are always working hard to upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft as soon as possible. As soon as we can it will be updated immediately. We always need to get a lot of plugin updates to support the new version because if we hurry to update, the server may not work properly and many of the benefits of the server would have to be given up.

How to become a supervisor?

In order to become a supervisor, you must fill in a special form, which we check and decide if you are suitable. All information about the supervisors and the form itself can be found here:

How do I change my Minecraft skin?

Only people with Minecraft premium accounts can change the look of their skin, and there are no commands on our server to change the look of a player's skin because we encourage everyone to purchase Minecraft premium accounts. You can buy here:, and if you need help with your purchase, we would be happy to help.

How to register on the server?

To register with the server, you must write /register E-mail E-mail after logging in (eg: /register You will then receive an email with your password, use it to log in with the /login PASSWORD command (eg /login pba470qi). Remember to change your password after logging in with the /changepassword OLD_PASSWORD NEW_PASSWORD. If the registration limit has been used or other reasons are the registration service can be purchased, read more about it here:

What to do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot the password, go logging in to the server, write /email recovery Then check the mailbox (the letter may have ended up in the spam section), open the email from, copy the given command (eg: /email code 8d2185da) and write on the server. You will then need to set a new secure password with the command: /email setpassword YourPassword. Done! Use the command /login yourPassword.

How to change password?

To change the password, first log in to the server and then type the command: /changepassword OLD_PASSWORD NEW_PASSWORD. Then you will receive a confirmation code in the e-mail, it must be written on the server, for example: /verification 161844 and then the command to change the password must be written again: /changepassword OLD_PASSWORD NEW_PASSWORD. Everything! Your password has changed!