Kubai stickers

Kubai sticker map!

Simple like 1..2..3:
  • Write down your Kubai nickname on a piece of paper;
  • You go to the sticker according to the directions on the Kubai map links;
  • You find the sticker and take a picture of it.
The photo must clearly show a Kubai sticker, the environment where the sticker is located and the paper with your nickname!

  • Send the photo Krepxinx via private message and if you are first, you will get a prize to spend on Kubai services! Contacts: here.
  • The map is constantly updated. We advise you to check from time to time for a sticker nearby.

  • Stickers marked in red indicate that they have already been found and no prize is awarded for them.
  • One nickname can only get 1 prize in 30 days!
  • The prize is awarded to the account of the nickname shown in the photo.
  • If you find a sticker please do not remove it so other people can find them who want to look for stickers for fun.
  • If you go to the location of the sticker and do not find it, please contact Krepxinx and then the location of the sticker will be clarified and if it is still not found, 100 credits will be given as comfort.

Want a sticker to appear in your city? Vote here: voting form.
Look for stickers carefully and take care of your safety!

Prize for found sticker:

300 credits

(worth: 3€) (may change)