Oh hi lithuanian minEcraf serVR Plz?


Currentle Playin:

AlwayZ UP TO dmicATE K?

We are always running on the latest version of Minecraft released and are working to upgrade to the latest version of the Minecraft server as soon as it comes out! Our study showed that we are one of the first servers in Lithuania to upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft.

SafE game plz?

We especially protect player information and all achievements! Map wipes are very rare and we try to leave as many player achievements as possible. Also, our environment has very strict rules, it is forbidden to swear, to speak rudely from the like, and we severely punish violations.

LOtz for modEz k?

Each player can find their favorite activity because we have 5 different Minecraft game styles (Adventure, Creative, Minigames, Survival, UltraHardcore). And there are as many as 22 different mini-games in the world of Minigames!

There is no PayToWin game

You will not find on the server such privileges or services that would give you significant significance over other players when purchased for real money. All the privileges can be said to be of a cosmetic nature (e.g. change of nickname, turning into a monster, writing colored text, etc.).


Be wif uz werevr u iz K?

Our minecraf servr haZ discord servr wer teh latest newz aboWt teh Kubai pRoject r publishd?? her u Can get halp frum TEH intire kubai CoMMUNITy wiCH Currentle exCedz 500 actif members?? PLUS her u can also sUBMIT Ur ideez TO TEH server enteract wif OTHR playerz on vOis chANnELS SHARE UR Creetions OR jus haz fun?? sign in wiF thiz lINk plz?

Discord phone
Discord PC

lok fr teh hided Kubai stikers!??

oh hi AN excepTIonel oppOrtuniTie to gET Kubai cREditz fR Any latr pOSIBl Buy variouz Kubai SERVICEs!?? JUS fIn teh hided pastd Kubai stIKR An report it!?? hided Kubai stikerz throughowt theR iz ovr 140 in lithuania!?? se teh maP AN SEERCH!?? k?


Kubai events

One of our main goals is to have a good community, for in addition we regularly organize various special events where players can have fun and win server credits for which you can purchase various services. More information you can always find us about all the events discord server, #renginiai channel.

  • Parkour tournament

    Uncomplicated but fun parkour!

    2022.05.15 20:00

  • BedWars tournament

    Bed war!

    Done 2022.05.01 19:00

  • Splegg tournament

    Eggs war!

    Done 2022.04.18 20:00

  • Creative building competition

    Theme: Easter tree!

    Done 2022.04.06 - 2022.04.17

  • Kubai 9th birthday

    Full of events!

    Done 2022.03.18 16:00 - 19:00


Game modes



Minecraf servr WER U can breek oRAi FRum othr jobz an try yourself on variouz traks!?? HER U wil fin maNY adventure mapS encludin OVR 104 parkour traks!?? DropPER WER u wil Nd to avoid al kindZ foR obstaclez an Reech teh bottom safele win falin dowN?? findtHebutton hER UR GOel wiL BE TO FIN TEh hIDEd buttONz on teh mapz?? ther iz also VERY compleks mazes ahed that wil rekwire lot FOR LOGicel thINKin an paTIans to gO Throo?? huge sonic advENTure map WIF ovr 20 diFfernt traKz??


Favorite minECRAF servr fr al playerz?? here playerz iz FRe (within theIR MINDS) TO UNLeesh theiR Fantasiez Or Try Owt any farmz befoar buildiN IN Teh Survivel world?? in oTHR WORDS Do wat u comed up wif here!?? woRLDEDIT Feeturez can be usd her to make iT EEsir to BUILD??



MinigamEz iz alwayz fun activitiE AN breek frum work?? her u CAN comPETe against othR playerZ?? TODAi u wil fiNd „paintbal“ „bedwars“ „cAkewars“ „ANchoRwars“ „hungergames“ „hIDEANDSEK“ „kitpvp“ „murdermystery“ „vilagedefEnse“ „buildbatTLE“ „tnTRUn“ „theBridge“ „duels“ „tnt TAg“ „prophunt“ „templerun“ „Miniwals“ „BoMblobbers“ „quake“ „Splegg“ „blokparty“ „partygamES“ (+11 žaidimų)??


Simpl minEcraf suRVIvel servr that can sem VERY weared owt ET Ferst but her it r set up very simple an neetly?? u wil be abl to CREETe ur hAZ Safe aree in two clikz?? u wil also fin indlez feeturez THat WIL furthR INLIVIN TEh game??



Probable eev hardesT minecRAF Game mode?? here heelth dus not recovr nEturaly ther iz no addItionEl comMandz liek /home /SPORn /tpa etc?? lieK sIMpl minecraft but maked complicatd az mUCh az POSIBL?? afTr deeeth U ALWAyz wAIT (up TO 1 hoUr) fr teh body to be resurREctd BEfoar u can continue playin??