Purchase via Paysera

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infoPlease be informed that the account information and payment initiation services will be provided to you by Paysera in accordance with these rules. By proceeding with this payment, you agree to receive this service and the service terms and conditions. Rules:

Purchase via SMS

Price 1.00€

Text: register Nickname
Number: 1398

Message e.g.: register Krepxinx
Only from Lithuanian mobile networks! (Tele2 (pildyk), Telia (ežys), Bitė (labas)).

Purchase via PayPal

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Registration orders must be agreed with Krepxinx in advance. Registration are giving manually due to the fact that it can take from 1 h. to 12 h.


Your password will be: sUnKus213
Do not forget to change your password immediately with this command: /changepassword
Do not forget to add your email with this command: /email add

This service is for those who have already used their 3 account registrations per IP adress and want to register one more account. Before purchasing make sure that the nickname isn't already registered (try logging in and see if it writes /register). Please note that one person can only play with one nickname, and more accounts are for other users who use the same Internet.