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Always up to date

We are always running on the latest version of Minecraft released and are working to upgrade to the latest version of the Minecraft server as soon as it comes out! Our study showed that we are one of the first servers in Lithuania to upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft.

Safe game

We especially protect player information and all achievements! Map wipes are very rare and we try to leave as many player achievements as possible. Also, our environment has very strict rules, it is forbidden to swear, to speak rudely from the like, and we severely punish violations.

Lots of modes

Each player can find their favorite activity because we have 5 different Minecraft game styles (Adventure, Creative, Minigames, Survival, UltraHardcore). And there are as many as 22 different mini-games in the world of Minigames!

There is no PayToWin game

You will not find on the server such privileges or services that would give you significant significance over other players when purchased for real money. All the privileges can be said to be of a cosmetic nature (e.g. change of nickname, turning into a monster, writing colored text and etc.).


Be with us wherever you are

Our Minecraft server has a Discord server where the latest news about the Kubai project is published. Here you can get help from the entire Kubai community, which currently exceeds 500 active members. Plus, here you can also submit your ideas to the server, interact with other players on voice channels, share your creations, or just have fun. Sign in with this link:

Discord phone
Discord PC

Look for the hidden Kubai stickers!

An exceptional opportunity to get Kubai credits for any later possible buy various Kubai services! Just find the hidden pasted Kubai sticker and report it! Hidden Kubai stickers throughout there are over 140 in Lithuania! See the map and search!


Kubai events

One of our main goals is to have a good community, for in addition we regularly organize various special events where players can have fun and win server credits for which you can purchase various services. More information you can always find us about all the events discord server, #renginiai channel.

  • Double Creative building competition

    Theme: Frog Mangrove or Darkness of the Deep!

    2022.06.23 - 2022.07.06

  • Duels 2v2 tournament

    Time to fight! Registration until 05.31! In our Discord!

    Done 2022–05–31 20:00 - 2022–06–05 22:00

  • Parkour tournament

    Uncomplicated but fun parkour!

    Done 2022.05.15 20:00

  • BedWars tournament

    Bed war!

    Done 2022.05.01 19:00

  • Splegg tournament

    Eggs war!

    Done 2022.04.18 20:00


Game modes



Minecraft server where you can break away from other jobs and try yourself on various tracks! Here you will find many adventure maps, including over 104 Parkour tracks! Dropper, where you will need to avoid all kinds of obstacles and reach the bottom safely when falling down. FindTheButton, here your goal will be to find the hidden buttons on the maps. There are also very complex mazes ahead that will require a lot of logical thinking and patience to go through. A huge Sonic adventure map with over 20 different tracks.


A favorite Minecraft server for all players. Here, players are free (within their minds) to unleash their fantasies or try out any farms before building in the survival world. In other words, do what you come up with here! WorldEdit features can be used here to make it easier to build.



Minigames are always a fun activity and a break from work. Here you can compete against other players. Today you will find: „Paintball“, „BedWars“, „CakeWars“, „AnchorWars“, „HungerGames“, „HideAndSeek“, Chess, „MurderMystery“, „VillageDefense“, „BuildBattle“, „TNTRun“, „TheBridge“, „Duels“, „TNT Tag“, „PropHunt“, „TempleRun“, „MiniWalls“, „BombLobbers“, „Quake“, „Splegg“, „BlockParty“, „PartyGames“ (+11 žaidimų).


A simple Minecraft survival server that may seem very worn out at first, but here it is set up very simply and neatly. You will be able to create your own safe area in two clicks. You will also find endless features that will further enliven the game.



Probably the hardest Minecraft game mode. Here, health does not recover naturally, there are no additional commands like /home, /spawn, /tpa, etc., like simple Minecraft, but made complicated as much as possible. After death, you should always wait (up to 1 hour) for the body to be resurrected before you can continue playing.